Ceiling cleaning


The image to the left is an actual test tile that we have treated for, what turned out to be a satisfied customer. See for yourself what we can do for your ceilings. And if our pictures don’t convince you, then let one of our Facility Consultants come on down and wow you in person. We can clean a test area on your ceiling to show you how effective our cleaning process really is. We offer a solution with a fraction of the cost of replacing and with virtually no down-time for your business. We can perform the work over night or on the weekends, leaving your operation running smoothly.



Vending Solutions


See those happy folks to the left? Now imagine them inside of your place of business. Offering vending solutions are a great way to keep both employees and clients satisfied while inside your facility. Aside from a great selection of products, we also have some great incentives that are sure to boost employee morale and productivity; giving away up to $100 in cash, free vend coupons and Texas Lottery tickets each month. Let one of our Facility Consultants inform you of all the great benefits that come with our vending solutions.





floor Care


We have years of experience of floor care and maintenance. No matter the surface, we have the tools and experience to clean it. We can strip and re-surface your hard floors and also perform deep and spot cleaning on your carpets. You floors get abused more than any other surface in your facility. Regular maintenance keeps your floors looking new and prevents the need for expensive repairs in the future. You don’t want your customers looking down on your facility, but when they do happen to look down, they should be impressed. WTS will make sure that you shine!