Do your ceilings look something like this?before

Over time all ceilings gather dust, dirt and stains which aren’t always easy to clean. Far too often businesses spend a fortune replacing their entire ceiling; taking up valuable time, money and space in landfills. There is a cleaner and greener way – the WTS way.

Give WTS a call and save serious time & money!after

WTS specializes in getting your ceiling looking like new again. You may not notice how dirty your ceiling actually is until after it has been cleaned. We’ll show you a side by side comparison of your own ceiling, with and without the WTS touch. You’ll be amazed!




Services & Solutions


Ceiling Cleaning

WTS offers a cleaner, greener and more efficient solution to replacing your ceilings. We can have your ceilings looking like the day they were first installed for a fraction of the time and cost of replacing or redoing. When you consider the savings in down time and money spent, WTS in a clear choice for restoring your ceilings to their original state. Contact us to set up a complimentary demo today!

Vending Solutions

WTS Installs brand new, state-of-the-art electronic vending machines, provides wireless credit / debit card acceptors on every machine and uses quarterly product survey forms to let your team members choose what they want in your machines. We also offer incentive program for your facility’s staff and customer.

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is not only good for our environment, it is good for our health. Any one can claim to be “green” these days, but WTS is actually Green Building Certified through the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS). We have gone through a rigorous review process to meet the stringent requirements to achieve this certification, so you can be sure that we will adhere to the Green Building standards.

Floor & Carpet Care

You floors get abused more than any other surface in your facility. Regular maintenance keeps your floors looking new and prevents the need for expensive repairs in the future. You don’t want your customers looking down on your facility, but when they do happen to look down, they should be impressed. WTS will make sure that you shine!

More About WTS


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WTS provides high quality facility solutions while providing employment and training opportunities for persons with significant disabilities.
WTS’ vision is to provide facility solutions in every major city in the State of Texas while serving diverse populations with disabilities in those areas.
WTS was established in 1982 and has been serving populations with disabilities in Texas since 1991. WTS has many Federal, State and commercial customers throughout the various regions of the State.